Our Story

My name is Josh Reading. I am the founder and CEO of Sharp-side action. I have always had a passion for gambling. For me, it started at a young age playing poker with my family. My grandparents and their 8 siblings would get together and play pinochle, cribbage or 5 – 7 card stud poker. I have always loved the FEELING of WINNING.

I first tasted it at the young age of 9 years old when my grandfather would put me on his lap at the card table and let me play his hands. I was hooked after raking in those first pots of a few bucks while playing $.25-$.50 cent poker. By the age of 11, I had my own seat at the table. The seat was funded by my grandfather; but it was mine, nonetheless. I really can’t remember a time since then that I have not thought about, been a part of or had action in gambling. To celebrate My 21st birthday… you guessed it, Vegas baby!

After graduating from EIU with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, it was time to go to work. My family has been in construction for 35+ years and I started working with them as soon as I was old enough. I am now third generation owner of a construction company. In addition to this, I started and sold a SUCCESSFUL portable restroom company along the way.

If I am being honest with you, I had different names picked out for this site. It could have been called “Average Joes”, or “Donkey Side Sports” or “As Square As It Gets” if it were not for meeting my partner; who will remain nameless for now. It was this meeting that happened through my construction business that really turned the page for me, the both of us really. Like I said I have always had a love for gambling and winning, I was just not very good at it! It was not until I finally ran into someone who was truly sharp when I recognized how bad I had been playing.

That said, lucky for me and now you, as our customer, I developed a friendship with my partner quickly. Because of my passion for winning, he took me in and started to teach me the game of how to be on the sharp side. He taught me what it really feels like to win and win consistently. In fact, I win consistently enough to be shut off or limited by every outlet that I have acquired over the last 5 years. Some last longer than others and some still allow but drastically cut our limits just so they could tail our plays. I went from being the bookies number one customer to getting a new account and losing it within 1 season of MLB, NCAA, or NFL.

Founder Josh Reading, Gleybor Torres (NYY), David Cone (Former MLB Player), Mookie Wilson (NYM Hall of Fame 1996 NYM CF)

Founder Josh Reading and 18 Year
MLB Veteran Lee Smith

Actual earned winnings thru Draft Kings and Fan Duel .

Sports handicapping makes it possible!