Our Service


We have created this website because we believe that acquiring customers and sharing our information with you is a more feasible option than constantly trying to acquire new outlets only to lose them.

We are ready to share these winning plays with the public. If you are like me, and I know that so many of you out there that are reading this, you are looking for an ADVANTAGE. You love that feeling of collecting money on those winning plays until you end up back at the deposit button or setting up a meeting with your guy to hand over that recently cashed paycheck. Well now is the time to change that and change it for good.

We will provide very sharp action on plays that will have closing line value over time. They will be in liquid markets on the major market sports of MLB, NCAA and NFL. We will not sell plays that you are not able to get down what you want on. This service is not for plays on the opening lines when limits are low.

To start, I am going to need you to trust me on closing line value or “CLV”. What is it? What the heck does CLV matter when the play loses? Right, I get it….these are all questions I had when I first started.

Well, it matters because it is the ONLY indicator that matters. It is the indicator that PROVES to you that you are on the same side as the ‘Pro’s’, the ‘Wise Guys’, the ‘Sharps’.

The BEST WAY that you can truly know that you are on the same side as the Pro’s is to get agreement from the books. When a number on any game opens and then moves, the line is being shaped. These initial plays are from Pro’s but the limit on the bet is low. It is being shaped by the professionals in the marketplace. And while it is shaped pretty quickly, it will still move all the way up until it closes. And when it closes you can be 100% certain that it is as sharp as it will be.

You make the MOST MONEY when you beat that sharp number. Consistently doing this over the course of a week, month, season or year is how the professional gamblers earn their living.

“How do I do this“, you ask? The answer is simple, JOIN OUR TEAM. You will get plays and start to see how these plays WIN CONSISTENTLY over time and provide CLV. I am not going to get into all the math that goes into why and how beating that closing line number proves you are a winner but if you join our team you will get to witness it first-hand.

All our plays will be released and then posted. There will be winning lines and some losing lines. But there WILL be lines that CRUSH the CLV and some that don’t. Sometimes we won’t get CLV; or the number might move against us. These things happen and we are going to be transparent about it. We are not a “flash in the pan” website aka “take your money and run” service.

We are not trying to earn a living from this website. I am still working full time in construction because that is still a passion of mine as well.

Our goal is to provide an OPPORTUNITY for the average joe’s and the square players to win more consistently.  The sports betting markets are booming and there are so many more outlets available to bet sports. So, we decided it was time to SHARE OUR PLAYS.

If you have ever bought a play before, you know the feeling of ‘Man, this guy always has an excuse.’ or ‘Man, this guy is hot.’ With our website, we will provide CONSISTENT PLAYS and TRANSPARENT REPORTING.

Will we be hot, hopefully…will we be cold, hopefully not.  What I can promise you is that we are not going to release plays that we ourselves do not have action on…SIGNIFICANT ACTION. If we have a release it will be because we have an ADVANTAGE or because we recognize VALUE on the play.

We stand behind our DATA. If at any time you are unhappy with our service, you can request to stop and receive a prorated refund. For example, if you bought a Week or 7 play package and only used 4 days or 4 plays and want out, we will refund you the three days or plays you did not use. If you sign up and want to just watch, we will have periodical free plays that you can get in on.

Now that you know what we do, I want to also talk about the who, the TEAM.

Along the way I have learned that you become so much more successful by building a team; whether that be in my construction business, real estate, stock market, crypto currency, gambling or playing the actual sport: wrestling, football, volleyball etc. Whatever it is that you want to be SUCCESSFUL in if you surround yourself with successful people your chance of being successful greatly INCREASES. That is exactly what I did.

When it comes to the market of bottom-up handicapping, I am set up to have one of the BEST teams. I have an OUTSTANDING meteorologist on the team. I have one of the BRIGHTEST guys I know providing analytics to the team. I have the TOP modeler who provides models that kill opening lines on the team.

Because of the members on this team I have been able to witness truly amazing things happen for us in the sports betting market.

If you have never been told by a book or casino that your action is no longer welcome, then join our team and get ready to experience one of the greatest feelings that I have ever experienced: