What to expect from a subscription to our football plays.

What to expect from a subscription to our football plays. Most often (around 80-90% of the time) you will receive multiple plays on Tuesday and Wednesdays for the NCAA and NFL plays. All plays released will be received with any package. So if we have 5 totals and 3 sides you will get them all. Just a heads up we will have mainly total plays in NCAA and a good mix of sides and totals for NFL.

Also, as a perk to all that subscribe, we will have random Half time plays to subscribers only. These you will most definitely have to have alerts set up to get the plays in as soon as the email is sent. Or you will have to be on your phone or computer monitoring your emails and your site to get these in.

Also, for subscribers we will have random Parlay and Teasers as part of our package once you become a subscriber. All the additional plays will be random and might not come out every week.  So, if you are a weekly subscriber and do not get any it will be due to “luck of the draw” with no plays for that week.

We will have a little slower week in the beginning and ramping up around week 4 as more information about the teams come in. Your best value is obviously going to be the season package. If you are a $100 bettor, you should have no problem covering your investment with a season package. If you are a $10 player this service might not be for you but sign up to be on our mailing list and we will have free plays randomly through out the season as well. Anyone that has subscribed or followed us at all can see that all our plays hit our website and we are transparent as we can be with how we are doing.

 As of 8-22-21 in baseball we are plus 48 units. For a $100 player that’s plus $4,800. We are looking to continue these profits in NCAA and NFL.

Don’t miss out on any of the Sharp Side action and sign up for your subscription today.